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ENEMA NOSEBLEED [Toxic Tuxedo Mix] by Negative Øhio


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Lyrics: Like the flowers bloom Our diamonds shine like the midday sun I roam the streets of evening New York Looking for a little dancing and fun Oooooh! Like a new knitted sweater, nothing could be better Than dancing the swing with you But I must decline Because of the enema nosebleed running down my shoe Blood on my shoe Blood on my shoe Blood on my shoe Blood on my shoe Intestinal bleeding, defecation of vital liquids Nose pours crimson down upon the colonoscopy tubes Noooooooooo! Gastronomical disaster, stomach contents spew through nostrils Foul fucking wreck, dying covered in bile Sinuses moist with blood (moist) Blood, yummy yummy, blood Makes me feel so good when I'm dancing in it Take a sip and bite your lip Drink it all up until you’re out of veins [A tiny fox] Holy shiet, that was so hevy! Is that nu metal?
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