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This Silent Bloody Night

Album Description

Album photography by Patrick Scott Bell
Album photography by Patrick Scott Bell


This Silent Bloody Night
01. lo-fi is sci-fi - Blood for Dracula 00:05:41
02. lo-fi is sci-fi - Silent Night, Bloody Night 00:03:58
03. lo-fi is sci-fi - I Want to Change You 00:01:20
04. lo-fi is sci-fi - If You Think I Won't Do This... 00:02:40
05. lo-fi is sci-fi - I Can See the Future 00:04:24
06. lo-fi is sci-fi - Oil on Glass 00:03:19
07. lo-fi is sci-fi - Then I Believe You 00:02:49
08. lo-fi is sci-fi - Behold! The New Design! 00:04:13
10. lo-fi is sci-fi - Phase IV 00:03:54
UPLOADED: 03/19/2013
LISTENS: 33254

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