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Fire Insurance by John Lopker

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Spaceship Earth
Spaceship Earth


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I don't care too much for preachers
I don't like to go to church
But I'd hate to meet St. Peter
When my body leaves this Earth

I don't want to go to Hell
Made that mistake once
I'm shopping for religion
I need Fire Insurance

I don't trust the bible
That guy does more harm than good
Helps me win my softball games
Kills millions in childhood

Sends earthquakes and tsunamis
When His panties get in a bunch
Fires and floods and hurricanes
If you piss Him off too much

I don't think there is a Hell
But I'm gonna hedge my bet
There's a bunch of pretty good gods for sale
I don't know which one to get

Apollo and Zeus are amazing dudes
But I don't think they do softball
Jesus is kinda cool
But his Dad may kill us all

I'm don't know which one to choose
Maybe I'll pick a few
I guess I got nothing to lose
Unless none of them are true

Or, maybe I'll just call your bluff
Put on my big boy pants
Put away all that scary stuff
Just live and love and dance
Live and love and dance
You can keep your fire insurance
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