Hypnosis Bliss | Found My Ally While Hypnotized

John Lopker

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Released 10/14/2022
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Hypnosis Bliss | Found My Ally While Hypnotized by John Lopker is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Robin Taylor is a renowned hypnotherapist in Los Angeles. John Lopker is a client. Both are songwriters and musicians active on FMA. John got tremendous value from Robin's hypnotherapy. It's all about replacing bad habits with good habits. Permanently.

Hypnotherapy holds the key to retraining the unconscious mind to change your life. Hypnosis helps you modify negative behaviors, addictions, anxieties, and whatever you want to change. It really works! And quickly too. All the best! John and Robin


By John Lopker and Robin Taylor

I felt like something was missing
Something I needed to find
Looked everywhere but forgetting
To gaze into my mind

Tried to find it in a Lamborghini
A Corvette and Tesla or two
But they all broke down just like me
They were missing some bolts and screws

Tried to fix it on the internet
Tik Toking and Tweeting so sweet
They liked the way I made them forget
They're all missing it just like me

Food, sex, exercise
Television, shopping, video games
Pretty nice for a temporary high
But so hard to break those chains

Then it happened one fine day
Things got really atrocious
That's when I found a way
I found it through hypnosis

I traveled deep into my mind
And found an ally by my side
My other half, so happy to find
My best friend while hypnotized

I finally found what I missed
Now I got Hypnosis Bliss
Now I got Hypnosis Bliss
Now I got Hypnosis Bliss

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