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Guns RRR Us by John Lopker

Album Description

Gun Mania
Gun Mania
Songs about the American gun fetish and the culture wars fueled by Russia and the NRA.


05. John Lopker - Guns RRR Us 00:01:59

Track Info

We are good Americans
And we approve this message

Come all ye good Americans
Love your country and your guns
Fight for your right to own and bear
Wear no flowers in your hair

Come now foes of the NRA
Cast your stones the other way
Don’t blame us when the shooting starts
Got no use for bleeding hearts

In Gun we trust
Yeah! Guns RRR Us
Lethal toys for girls and boys
Oh what a rush!
Yeah! Guns RRR Us

Come NRA our superhero
You can always cut to zero
Civilized rules to govern our toys
So the stockpiles grow
The bullets destroy

Come NRA your superpowers
Turn politicians into yellow-belly cowards
So the chaos continues
The deaths accrue
Guns don’t kill you
Americans do

In Gun we trust
Yeah Guns RRR Us
Lethal toys for girls and boys
Dust to Dust
Yeah! Guns RRR Us
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