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American Lullaby by John Lopker

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Brave Americans
Brave Americans


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Goodnight my child sleep well tonight
I'll tell you a story before we turn off the light
You tell your children and they'll tell theirs
How patriots crushed the Russian Donny Bear

Back in the dark days of 2016
America was poisoned by Vladimir Putin
His toxin of choice was the Donny Bear boy
A bully born to hate and destroy

Putin pulled the strings of his puppet president
Dividing America, stirring hate and discontent
They hypnotized Americans to glorify and exalt
To join the Russian Donny Bear cult

But Donny and Vlad could not do it alone
The Donny Bear cult should have known
Deals with the devil are dangerous games
And one by one they burned up in flames

Brave Americans across the land
Joined together hand in hand
They marched in the streets, they voted blue
They jailed Donny Bear and conspirators too

The world was rid of the Donny Bear boy
And the people sang and danced with joy
America became American again
And now we can all sleep safely within

Goodnight my child sleep well tonight
Goodnight my child, I love you
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