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The Garden of Alamut by hopalong horus heisenberg

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1. Adam Weishaupt's Psychedelic Supper(Parts I-IV) I. penetration II. open wide III. breathe it in IV. spit it out 2. The Garden of Alamut 3. Immanentized 4. Adam Weishaupt's Psychedelic Supper(Parts V-IX) V. an ill wind blows no minds VI. never wept nor dashed a thousand kin VII. nothing is true, everything is permitted VIII. no wife, no horse, no mustache IX. eat it with catsup Recorded and mixed at Smoke and Mirrors Virtual Studio from April 20 to May 1 2016. All sounds, noise, etc... created, manipulated, and destroyed by Hopalong Horus Heisenberg (Bruce Leitch).....


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