9 to 5

half cocked

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Released 12/01/2017
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I mean what I say and say what I mean I got a fist full of quarters for the washing machine I may seem like a mess but my act's all clean With just one look you'll see I'm living the dream I'm a sight for sore eyes, the great white hope I just got back from Rome hanging out with the Pope With a sack full of pearls, not for the pigs You can have a few if you're interested I scoff at Mother Theresa 'cause she couldn't compete with the things that I do just walking the street I clock in each day from 9 to 5 Spread the joy of being alive Come along with me, let's go for a ride Set yourself free, leave the troubles behind It's very easy if you know the trick Otherwise, you will make yourself sick --&gt;Video

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