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Nice Guy Brigade by half cocked

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half cocked block
half cocked block
half cocked block consists of six new tracks designed to clear your ear wax. It celebrates the human condition and promotes the pursuit of pleasure. Do yourself a favor, join the ranks of the "Nice Guy Brigade", take a ride on the "Rock and Roll Elevator", and sing out loud "An die Freude"! YouTube playlist -->here. Peace - Offal Tunes


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If I may, I have something to say Soft spoken and complimentary Nice words will go a long way Be cordial and well behaved You're looking good, did you lose weight? Check out that smile, all her teeth are straight He's got a tie on that reeks of taste I can't believe what you did with this place We are the Nice Guy Brigade Up to here with pleasantries No business being rude How's the kids? You look rested Is that your mom? She's the bomb! It's so fine to see you again I'm glad that we stayed friends I wish this day would never end We are the Nice Guy Brigade Pitcher full of lemonade No business being rude You seem happy, you want some tea? Are you in a mood? -->Video
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