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La La La by half cocked

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Refractory is complete. "Purge" written by Unthunk. Thanks for dropping by. - Offal Tunes


03. half cocked - La La La 00:01:56

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Nothing's gonna move, I got nothing to prove Ain't no words in my head that haven't been said Anything that I do don't mean a thing to you It's a waste of our time, I can't change your mind Everything stands still, it's a matter of will The tone has been set without any regret Stagnation runs deep and more than discrete Not a chance to advance pass this circumstance It's ground to a halt, to nobody's fault It just fell to the floor, there is nothing more What else can I say? It's just the end of the day The darkness will fall, we hit the wall It's the end of the line and a matter of time Cease and desist, no longer exist La La La
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