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colordeaf by guitarrorisms

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This is the first set of tarrorisms recorded in 2009. There is a no-order in the sequence. It is about NOW. And GONE. For GAHL’s sake: it just is. Listen. [tracks 02, 06 with ROST]This is part of the output of michel rebell aka guitarrorism, member of a deconstructed artificial multiple personality, an omnifunctional gahlistic* superartist. free to stop, whenever wants to. guitarrorisms accumulation of tones, sounds and noises is an expression of a forcing necessity of totally tonal, technical and emotional freedom both for player and instrument/s.On some of these tarrorisms he is supported by his lad ROST.The goal
is the no goal. This is a challenge for all our me’s. And it’s not.This is now. This is gone, while reading it. While listening to it. This is not to stay. I am not to stay. We are not.I am them, we, all, change.paint with guitar.write with camera.take pictures with with brush.fuck with heart.* gahlism is a new form of art and way of lifestyle initiated by mr. Klee. It is about serious senseless trifle.



05. guitarrorisms - colordeaf 00:03:55

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