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I an not Edible by Eaters

Album Description

Producer: Tuck Pendleton / Watchmaker / Laughing Gear
Engineer: Watchmaker
[color=#363636;]Wives from Scottish Underground Hip-Hop heroes the EATERS Remastered for Black Lantern. Described by the Eaters as “A return to the beats, cuts and raps that we first released on Digest” Originally released 5 years after Digest first arrived on the scottish hip-hop scene. “Wives took the foundations of Digest and built on it to make a tighter, cleaner and more accomplished album.” It certainly is tight and clean showing that the Eaters just continue to grow and evolve with there love of hip-hop.[/color]


04. Eaters - I an not Edible 00:03:42

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I an not Edible by Eaters is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International License.