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Do Not Feed by Eaters

Album Description

Producer: Tuck Pendleton / Watchmaker
Engineer: Watchmaker
Eaters – Quiet Man (Rapper and Producer), Laughing Gear (Rapper), Tuck Pendleton (producer) - make hip hop which has one foot in the sample based production of the golden age, and another in the kind of electronica you’d expect to hear from DJ Shadow or Alias (Anticon). While the group allows its individual artists the space to create solo efforts under the Eaters banner making for a varied back catalogue, All Eyes and Teeth is a collective affair focused around Laughing Gears socially aware narrative. Subject matter ranges from news media integrity to a description of the cycles of revolutions
and what might be the voice of capitalism personified. But they still include some shit talking head-nodders to keep things interesting. At 17 tracks across 55 minutes, and with guest appearances from fellow Edinburgh vocalist Obsolete (Pen Pushers), you have an album with plenty of variety to get your teeth into. And this is an album[/i] rather than just a collection of mp3 shuffle ammo. Eaters themselves view All Eyes and Teeth as the start of a new phase in their recording, upping the stakes with more focused releases, more bass and polish, more looking to make the best tunage possible.



03. Eaters - Do Not Feed 00:03:41

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Do Not Feed by Eaters is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International License.