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The Rain(ft Dianna) by Darkstar83

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Album Description

Unreleased Tracks
Unreleased Tracks
Producer: Darkstar83
Engineer: Darkstar83
A Compilations Of Unreleased Tracks From 2012 Until Now.Hope To Enjoy!!! You Can Hear The Remix Of "No Individuality Survives" By Opheds Here: Written and performed by DarkStar83(2012-2019) Cover Design By:Darkstar83 license


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The Rain: Powerful, depressing, cold, moody, truthful. Until now it scared me. Until now I hated it. Until now I wasn’t sure of me. Now it’s all clear—well, almost. I can live, breathe, dance, sing, laugh, see, hear, smell, feel, and taste it. The rain. Now I think I know. Not everything, but more than I did before— When the rain was mean, evil, and nasty. I like the rain now, I don’t fear it like I did before. Isn’t it strange? The rain, I mean.
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