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if i remember by dadala

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Album Description

erocnet – guitars on tracks 3, 6, and 7. ukelele, dulcimer, oud/bass/leather sofa, oud, thumb piano and effects, singing bowls, drum kit, mobile app on track 1, synth on track 8, ambient mixes on track 9. paul mimlitsch – bass clarinet and effects guitar and effects on tracks 4, 6,
8 and 9, contrabass recorder. loopy c – drones/ambient sounds, beats, glitch and textures, virtual combo, virtual bass and percussion, other sounds. darius – additional treatments on tracks 2, 3 and 5. frank wilke – trumpet on track 5 and trombone and tracks 8 and 9. all tracks edited, arranged/mixed/remixed and produced by rdunlap in 2016. paul mimlitsch performed overdubs to the mixes for tracks 1 and 7, and darius’ contributions were prepared to the mixes in progress.