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 Bit Shifter (2 Albums, 13 Tracks)


Bit Shifter
LOCATION:Brooklyn NY 11218 US
  • Joshua Davis
New York City's Bit Shifter weighs in with a blitzkrieg strike of weaponized square waves, delivered from a twin Nintendo Game Boy assault rig. Exemplifying a bracing distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter embraces limitations and rejects overstated indulgences in favor of the streamlined environments of the Nanoloop and
Little Sound DJ home-brew Game Boy musicmaking programs. Armed only with two 20-year-old handhelds, Bit Shifter leaves high-end computer music choking on his exhaust, bringing twice the rock with 0.002% of the processing power.Bit Shifter co-administrates the 8bitpeoples artist collective, co-curates the annual Blip Festival, has released music on 555 Recordings, Hymen, Mirex, Ketacore, and Astralwerks, and has performed over a hundred and fifty shows worldwide.