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Viglid far zikh aleyn by Zingeray!

Album Description

Producer: Rob Weisberg
Unaccompanied solo traditional Yiddish song. Each singer in the group will sing one or two songs from their repertory. Performers include: Itzik Gottesman - "Ikh hob ongehoybn shpiln a libe" Paula Teitelbaum - "Viglid far zikh aleyn" Carol Freeman - "Vus geyst arim many kind azoy batsornt" Ethel Raim -
"Oy vey mame, ikh shpil a libe" Esther Gottesman - "Di fishelekh in vaser" Gerald Marcus - "Lullaby - Song of the French Revolution" Joshua Waletzky - "Who Will Plant the Seeds of Peace" Janet Leuchter - "Hob ikh mir a mantl"



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