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Notch by Zero V

Album Description

via — Streamlining the muted, organic atmospheres of the previous Songs of Parting to forge a more cohesive listening experience, Agree to Disagree is arguably Zero V’s most accessible record, a delicate, jazz/world music-inflected work boasting elegant arrangements. Impeccably produced by Henk van der Duim, the songs are stripped
to their bare essentials, making judicious use of the synths, tape loops, and treated pianos which bring them to life; rendering standouts like “Twinkling” and “Heaven” — both among the most conventional yet penetrating songs he’s ever written — with soothing strength and assurance. Although this album is more acoustic and oriented towards somber, emotive songs laced with shimmering arrangments, Zero V still manages to set foot on the more ambient ground. Zero V produces original and interesting ambient music. The selections are quite long (“Notch” is over 11 minutes long) yet never get boring. It is to Zero V’s credit that he can keep the listener interested for that long with this genre of music. Zero V uses instruments and sounds to create his own emotive ambient music. The short-wave samples, for example, add an eeriness in “Hiss”, which adds to the overall sound of the piece. This music is not for every taste, but fans of Zero V and ambient music will find this to be a treat.



01. Zero V - Notch 00:11:47

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