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Zeptosound by Zeptosound

Album Description

Released:September 13th, 2010

Zeptosound are inspired by the transition from order to chaos, by the world being regular and known yet simultaneously deeply strange. Other people say we're classical, or new-age, or jazz/improvisational, but we don't really know. What we do know is that we like improvisation and randomness in our music and often feel we are on the edge of reaching something but the closer we get the further this something retreats into the darkness or the light. If we go too far towards it we'll kill it.  
There are four of us, with varying ages, phobias and abilities, but mainly it's just one of us. This one was in other bands. Two of us work on particle accelerators and make field recordings inside them late at night when no-one's watching: the sounds at the start of the track Voltage are an accelerator in pain. Three of us are grown-ups. Four of us are human, and we call ourselves zeptosound. We like being zeptosound. 

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02. Duet (03:49)
03. Empty (04:38)
04. From Chaos (05:18)
06. On This Day (02:05)
07. SonarChild (05:07)
08. Space + Light (03:57)
09. Stasis (05:06)
10. The Remainder (11:26)
11. Voltage? (05:07)
12. Why Is It Frozen (03:25)
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01 on 12/24/15 at 05:06AM
Five years later it is not frozen. It is liked and commented on. This is great music. The blend of order and chaos could not have been done better. It doesn't need to be accompanied by any other thing, but it could. I would certainly like to hear more albums by these musicians.
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