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LOCATION:Chicago, Illinois, US
Doing music anchors me in the power of listening, questions of intentionality and judgement, and the practice of sustained observation and perception. Working across guitar, banjo, ngoni, laptop, and flute, I focus on creative improvisation, sustained collaboration, and tireless repetition. While rooted in the languages of jazz improvisation, my work equally embraces electronics, noise, field recording, and dance. Living south of Chicago in the town of Crete, IL, I create in both solo settings and with collaborators, including the collective El is a Sound of Joy, and ensembles lead by Ernest Dawkins and Ben Lamar Gay. Trained as an ethnomusicologist
and performer, I approach my creativity as an occasion to grapple with modes of sound-knowledge in which the here-and-now of musical experience sustains a momentary bridge between pasts, present, and futures.

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