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That Old Guitar by Westy Reflector

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Producer: Dave Westreich
Records don't so much freeze as liquify time. ... Almost X where X = whom, where, what or even why you want to be. Let's fly this town, through the looking glass, riding our 99th dream into the stars, towards X.  ... "Nothing means anything." - Kurt Vonnegut :^D


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My wife comes from the South Side of Chicago, and when she first brought me back in ‘ninety four, down in the basement of her childhood home I found an old guitar. She said “That was my great uncle Bill’s, “I guess he left it to my dad. “I remember after Bill lost his Kentucky farm, that Gibson was all he had.” “But he said ‘I’m not scared of a changing world Or losing anything we are ‘Cos I wave hi to distant good times every time I play that guitar.’ “ For eleven quiet years after Bill passed on, that L-1, I guess, had waited for me ‘Cos it rang one brilliant chord before the bridge caved in Just to let me hear what it could be You got to draw lines Back through time To know who you really are Every note Bill played Rang again that day When we picked up that old guitar So it returned with us to New York. In the hands of The ‘Moose returned to life. And the sound that it made again returned Bill to my angel wife He said, “I’m not scared of a changing world or losing anything we are. I just wave hi to distant good times every time I play that guitar.” So I’m not scared of a changing world. We’ve lost nothing that we are. ‘Cos I hear echoes of distant good times every time I play that old guitar. Special Lead Guitar Guest-Star: Jason Perkel
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