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Nothing / Anything by Westy Reflector

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Producer: Dave Westreich
Records don't so much freeze as liquify time. ... Almost X where X = whom, where, what or even why you want to be. Let's fly this town, through the looking glass, riding our 99th dream into the stars, towards X.  ... "Nothing means anything." - Kurt Vonnegut :^D


Track Info

Nothing means anything There’s no right and wrong or light and dark There are only in-betweens When this world gives you no end And you know nothing but your means Nothing means anything I crossed state lines and changed my name Twenty years down that way Still lost in song; still don’t belong Nothing’s changed nothing’s changed It’s how you end, not where you start Life is easy – it’s living that’s hard Dispossession, constant rejection A world designed to keep you low So the smartest thing you can ever do Is let go Nothing means anything
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