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No One Is An Island.mp3 by Vicki Bennett

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Released:January 31st, 2017

Vicki Bennett: No One Is An Island (2016)WDR 3 Open Sounds radio work - broadcast 9 April 2016

Where do ideas come from? Are they our own or are we channeling some spark from a larger flame? In this programme we examine the relationship between artists, writers, scientists and philosophers and the receiving, possession and transmission of ideas.
Culture is a complex process of sharing and signification. Meanings are exchanged, adopted, and adapted through acts of communication. The tools we use – the photocopier, camera, computer, encourage, in fact insist upon the act of cutting, copying and pasting – it is second nature. Through mimicry and repetition we learn.Thanks to the many who took time to record their thoughts about ideas.Producer - Vicki BennettPercy Faith - Do Re Mi / Words: Vicki Bennett (taken from Kembrew McLeod)Brion Gysin - In The Beginning Was The WordPhilip Glass - Music With Changing Parts / Words: Ergo PhizmizMrs Miller - Catch A Falling Star / Words: Brian EnoWords: Ava / SavannaCilla Black - AlfieMrs Miller - Catch A Falling Star / Words: James GardnerMaria and the Children - Do-Re-Mi  / Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star / Words: Rowen / Mathilde / LilaThe Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Going (In My Mind But Me) / Words: Ergo PhizmizDusty Springfield - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Words: Andrew SharpleyRay Conniff And The Singers - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Words: Andrew SharpleyBarbra Streisand - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Words: Andrew SharpleyAbba - Thank You For The Music / Bee Gees - Idea / Words: Ava / CameronJudy Garland - Follow the Yellow Brick Road - You're Off To See The Wizard / Words: Cameron / Katja SeltmannAlice In Wonderland - Tweedledum and TweedledeeBing Crosby & Peggy Lee - The Moon Came Up With A Great Idea Last Night / Words: Katja Seltmann / CameronLouis Armstrong - I Get Ideas / Words: Rick PrelingerEdison Wax Cylinder - Handel / M.Rosenthal - Nocturne / Radio detuning / Words: John Cage and Morton Feldman in Conversation, WBAI, NYC (1967)Music Masterpieces 1970s Album Commercial / Words: David LynchMusic Masterpieces 1970s Album Commercial / Words: Iain ChambersErgo Phizmiz - Raindrop Sonata / Words: John Lennon talks about Because and Moonlight Sonata Ergo Phizmiz - Raindrop Sonata / Words: Jeff Carey and Falco / Graham Duff - Serge Eisenstein quote / Kenneth Goldsmith / David Lynch Katja Seltmann / Charlie Lewis Neil Diamond - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Michel LeGrand - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Eva Mendes - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Richard Hayman - The Windmills Of Your MindThe Beatles - Because / The Swingle Singers - Moonlight Sonata / Words: Henry LowengardBeethoven - Piano Sonata No.14 Moonlight, I.Adagio Sostenuto / The Beatles - Because / Words: Rick Prelinger / Brian Eno / Tim Maloney / Paul Chan - Society of The Spectacle Sophie Tucker - Oh, You Have No Idea / Words: Joni Mitchell / Kevin HamiltonThe Prisoner - Dry Bones / Words: Cameron George Jones - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds / Words: Iain Chambers / Akāshamitra Johnny Hartman - The Very Thought Of You / Words: Iain Chambers / Akāshamitra The Wizard Of Oz - If I Only Had A Brain / Words: Tim Maloney / Marcel Duchamp2001 - The Deactivation of Hal 9000 / Words: Dorian Jones and Lenny / Jesse / Tim Maloney 2001 - The Deactivation of Hal 9000 / Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence / John Cage - Lecture On NothingSaraka, Suddhaka and Sunayaka - The Heart SutraJohn Cage - Lecture On Nothing2001 - The Deactivation of Hal 9000 / Bee Gees - Stayin' AliveThe Three Stooges - What's The Idea?Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive / Words: David Lynch The Left Banke - I've Got Something On My Mind / Words: Tim Maloney 

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