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ccMixter by Various Artists (ccMixter)

Album Description


The first mix in our Curratorial Mix Series - from ccMixter admin/developer/mentor Victor Stone:


For all the activism in the Open Music movement, nothing pushes the ball forward like brilliant, evocative music. While there is plenty of underground music of all sub-genres at ccMixter, there is also a growing collection of mainstream, above-ground producers who understand the value of sharing as a means of boosting their own creativity along with their exposure.

This playlist represents a sampler of "straight" pop and R&B done by producers who have an ear for the popular without sacrificing artistry.



Original Mix at ccMixter



eleventhhourfilms on 01/31/11 at 07:36PM
HOLY CRAP!!!!! How often do you listen to a group of artists so very different from each other that share such an impressive collection of sound...this is all so amazing...
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