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Manos: The Remix of Fate - Volume 2 by Various Artists [Happy Puppy Records]

Album Description

Released:October 29th, 2013

Here is the companion volume to last weeks release of MANOS: The Remix of Fate! 

Back in June I discovered that in addition to the film Manos: The Hands of Fate being remastered in hi-def for DVD and Blu-Ray, the soundtrack to the cult-classic bad film was also released on Bandcamp, and licensed under CC-BY-NC. So the call for remixes was issued, and this compilation is the result.

This has been fantastic to put together, and I couldn't have done it without the generous help of Marc Weidenbaum of and everyone who contributed something from the Junto Soundcloud community, run by Marc.

Also major thanks for support from the fine people at the Free Music Archive for help getting the word out!

Please visit the artists pages and support them however you can.

Cover illustration by mariods (used with permission).



Tate Carson

admiral bellybutton

Dockta Valkus



Joshua Wentz

Jmmy Kpple

Kyle TM

Luminous fridge

subversive intentions

The Bell Mechanical

Emma Hendrix

ken mistove

Mike J Dayton

Toxic Chicken


Uncle Dracula

Marble Tea






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