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Interplanetary Materials

Album Description

Various Artists
Various Artists
Twisting through a neighborhood of quasars on the other side of our galaxy we fall into "Interplanetary Materials". Colossal re-composition of the senses Doc Who style with a splash of Rimbaud. 36 artists. Double album action.Artists include: AP3S, Archbishop Jason Polland, Astrochimp, Atton Paul, B.C. Sterrett, Big Celestrial Orchestre, Bruce
Lenkei, Dana Countryman, Eddie the Rat, Fortyone, Full Load Of King, Gulag Picture Radio, Howard Amb, Inzah, Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction, Jan Turkenburg and his pupils of the Geert Grote School, komafuzz, Laze, Lee Rosevere, LowLiFi, Lullabelle, Lungbutter, Mr. Fab, Nova Social, R. Stevie Moore, Sascha Müller, SCIFLYER, Seksu Roba, The Apartment, The Lounge King meets Monsieur Max, The Pan-Galactic All Stars, The Vivisectors, Ton Ruckert, Weirdomusic, Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra (WACO), Wisteriax vs. Fred Yarm.  Artwork by Etherbrian. Foreword by Christy Shivers. Produced by Otis Fodder.Artwork : All disc covers presented as both PDF and JPG files. Etherbrian has designed the disc covers to be available for slimline jewel cases, normal jewel cases and a double-disc jewel case (with additional art to be used with clear trays). So many choices await you! 



Interplanetary Materials
23. - Rockets By Two 00:06:09
14. Lullabelle - Sputter 00:02:56
01. Ascent - Lee Rosevere 00:01:37
02. AP3S - God Morgon 00:04:06
06. Bruce Lenkei - Comet Ride 00:04:19
12. Seksu Roba - Telstar 00:04:12
15. Sascha Müller - Planets 00:06:53
17. Inzah - Inner Trip 00:04:23
24. - Monding 00:01:57
29. Howard Amb - Outer Space 00:04:00
UPLOADED: 05/21/2015
LISTENS: 33514

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