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Living Objects by Murmure Intemporel Compilations

Album Description

Released:October 12th, 2013

A compilation about Artists who made their instruments, or who used unusual objects for making music.


Aka_bondage (France) 

Anton Mobin (France) 

Canned Fit (Austria) 

Charles premier (France) 

Eloine (USA) 

Eric Braün (Canada) 

Fabio Crivellaro (Italy) 

Francesco Baiocchi (Italy) 

Mystified (USA) 

Noisedelik (Italy) 

Shaun Robert (UK) 

Shaun Sandor (USA) 

XxeNa (Italy) 


Artwork : The Tower of Babel (1563 - Pieter Bruegel the Elder). 

Photography by Ironside. Sleeve Design by Graph’Hypnotic.


(album available in lossless format)

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