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NNTS 06.1 Spring-Summer by VA - Best of NTNS Radio

Album Description

Released:April 4th, 2009
Producer: Mark Stolk

Sixth in this epic collection that presents the best of netlabel experimentalism.
All tracks are taken from albums that have been released in the period January, February, March 2009 and have been featured on the weekly NTNS radio show.
Free music has never sounded better !
Uploaded April 4, 2009 on Not Normal That Sh*t netlabel.

SPRING : tracks 1 to 16

SUMMER : tracks 17 to 31

NTNS radio is a weekly show (2007 to 2009) broadcasted on Stillstream radio every Saturday morning, and hosted by Mark Stolk of Netherlands (aka Mystahr).

(available at the Internet Archive)

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