Urbano A. Zafra

An early post this week - I will be busy through the 10th. This track, a steel guitar solo by…

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jw Jul 31, 2009

The flip side is titled "Mazurka Filipina." Mr. Zafra recorded 1 other record, as far as my documentation shows, and it was also instrumental. The titles were "Philippine Serenade" and "Philippine Bolero." Thanks very much for checking in!

Eugeniuz Jul 27, 2009

What does the flip side feature?

Eugeniuz Jul 27, 2009

Urbano Zafra is my paternal grandfather. When the Philippines was still a commonwealth of the USA, he represented the Philippine government in Washington. An economist, Dr. Zafra negotiated various trade and economis treaties, foremost sugar trade. In his capacity as...