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When We Get to Meeting by Uncle Woody Sullender and Seamus Cater

Album Description

Label:Dead CEO

The collaboration between Woody Sullender (Brooklyn, NY) and Seamus Cater (Amsterdam/UK) began in Amsterdam in 2008.  Although both musicians have worked extensively in contemporary art music, they found a commonality in the folk traditions of each musician's homeland: Cater from a long tradition of English folk musicians, Sullender from North Carolina.


Their debut LP "When We Get to Meeting" (dead ceo, 2010) demonstrates an acceptance of the traditional associations of their instruments while exploring a wide range of music, equally rooted in minimalism and spectralism as in folk.  At times, the result resembles the attentive quiet of Morton Feldman while other moments resemble the raucous idiomatic jams of Henry Flynt or Tetuzi Akiyama.



When We Get to Meeting
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studilaroche on 12/28/14 at 05:16PM
This is fantastic music. Thank you for sharing this.
alvaroba on 06/18/16 at 01:53AM
Hello, My name is Alvaro B. Aguiar, I'm a cinema student from south Brazil. Back in 2014 I found the album "When We Get to Meeting" and I felt it could fit and give a dramatic movement in some film work in the future. Now, in 2016, I've seen again some footage I've made in 2014 about two dogs: mine and other that visited our home very often. I started to collect some extra footage for this short film and remembered the track i've heard in 2014 and how it would fit in my work that is called 'Between barks'. I'd like to distribute this film in movie festivals around the world with non-profit-only purposes, only for distribution and dissemination of the film, with the copyrights of the tracks "Nothing to Be Done" and "While Sails Billow". Would it be possible to use the tracks in my short film with the designed copyrights? Thankyou for your time.
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