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Manic Organic Popcorn in bflat minor by U Can Unlearn Guitar

Album Description

Released:November 1st, 2013

From this place you can visibly detect the dropping of the newest freshest and mostest dopest UCUG release all year long.  The first song is a reworking of Hot Butter's 1972 synth pop hit, "Popcorn."  From here, things can only get doper fresher and newerer!

Dost thou diggeth Thine Earl of Otis Redding?  Then you won't need to read between the lines of Unlearny's Lava-hot lickings on "Try a Little Tenderness!"  

Pero Porque No Perez Prado? Porque si es la pregunta popular, Prado es aqui demasiado mis amigas bonitas y amigos machitos.  Abres tus oido y ¡Feliz Navidad!

But BrosDef, what of my home-g Anne Murray?  Ain'tchu pimpin none of her Canadashian awes-sauce?  Frealsy Mrs. Beasley, loads of "You Needed Me" got all blown up in your aural cavity! ORLY? Yeah: Because Nostalgia.

Yeah Nostaligias are coolish, but I'm still wishes it were 2008, and Britney Spears were the headshorn wiffleball brandishing babymama & folk heroine of our generations, battling her coke addiction against them paparatzis.  Aw that's cute ... "WOMANIZER." Was her song back from thentimes.

Oh, but workin too hard can give you a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack Oh the first Jo-el, was a piano swell, who sang gritty old ditties for Anthony well. (Anthony's Song AKA Moving Out AKA the Bossom Buddies theme)

The honeydrippers dripped, the jabbers jabbed, the drifters drifted, the squirrel nut zippers zipped & striper stripped.  You know the beegees BJed and the beatles beated too, and you may even know how the standells stooded, but how did the platters do? Are you aware?  Was their platting any good?  As a matter of fact, should it matter to you, consider, "My Prayer," to scatter the battings of spider wool that flattened your grey calculator, and dig way into their layers cool and layers of craycray McCrayers, my rock n roly player.  They had as many styling as leo sayer had hairs.

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