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(Pony dropper) by U Can Unlearn Guitar

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Producer: cool edit
Engineer: ucug
Singer, Songwriter - Recorded in two days in mono, a week after GWB was pronounced our president, this was an all improv epic marathon creationfest.  The greatest Singer, Songwriter Album ever written as it was sung.  You be the judge, but judge kindly, because I'm sensitive.  It doesn't really matter what you do or don't say.  After listening to this album several times to get it perfect, I totally fell more in lover with it.  If you have the strength, and the f-ing intestinal fortitude, multiple listens will put this audio accident into your personal pantheon of great tunes.  I
don't even mean that in an egocentric way, this was created so instantaneously, I really can't accept the credit or the blame.  Though yes, I did create this for all humans to enjoy and have brought countable minutes of joy for the 106 people who have downloaded it, and I am just that good.  The cube is that much more gleamy after I'm done with it, so there.  It just self assembled, and will remain on FMA in perpituity.



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