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Tryphème’s music is one that manages to cause the last few sensitive strings remaining in our souls to resonate. The strength of this autodidact who is now settled in Paris resides in the emotional purity of a hybrid music that sails between industrial cold, electronic minutia, and synthetic sensualities. First revealed in a compilation album, Online Dating, released in 2017 on CPU Records and which brought her to a Boiler Room Sheffield overseen by the label Warp, she hasn’t stopped opening new tracks. Her show “Dame de Coeur” (“Queen of Hearts”) on LYL Radio is one that reveals to us
the ever so subtle results of her musical research. Thanks to the support program of the FGO-Barbara center, she was also able to build a live that is rightfully hers, in which energies mix on the same level as the arts. Her second album, Thanks God For Air Emotions, is yet another indicator of her obsession for skin-deep music, a filterless conductor from her feelings to ours. 


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Tracks from compilations

01. Tryphème - Kool Karma 00:01:24
02. Tryphème - Pour Olympe 00:02:30
03. Tryphème - Chimera 00:03:18
04. Tryphème - Thanks God For Air Emotions 00:03:24
05. Tryphème - Wireless Tatoo 00:02:48
06. Tryphème - Mouvements Libres 00:03:24
07. Tryphème - Love Is A Lie 00:03:44
08. Tryphème - Marie Madeleine 00:04:36
09. Tryphème - White Douleur 00:03:53
10. Tryphème - Out Of Time 00:04:52