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live @ Black Cat (Washington, D.C.) 9/19/99 by Trance And The Arcade

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Released:February 7th, 2000
Producer: Chuck Bettis
Engineer: Chuck Bettis

Mass Particles was a label created by Chuck Bettis and run by him, Jerry Lim, and Evan Rapport for just about a decade.  In the dawn 2000 the trio had a great idea of doing a download sub-label called SubMass, way before everything was going digital. 

Anyway, here is one of those releases with Trance And The Arcade; compiling 2 live shows (one in my original hometown Washington, D.C. and the other in a town where everyone thinks i'm from, Baltimore) + some Drones For Mick Barr.  All tracks back from my analog days.

Drones For Mick Barr is a culmination of solo drones created for Mick Barr to play over.  Very Little volume adjustment was done while mixing.  Those tones that are buried are meant to be so.  This track would later be accidently remixed by Mick Barr when he was given a 4trk tape and stuck it in a normal tape deck to play along to.   The result of this magick accident appears on Trance And The Arcade's "Survival In Infinity" on the track named "Singalism (Mick's version)".  

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