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Without Resistance: Nature's Night (For Daniel Higgs) by Trance And The Arcade

Album Description

Survival In Infinity
Survival In Infinity
Producer: Chuck Bettis
Engineer: Chuck Bettis & Guy Picciotto
FULL ALBUM NOW ON BANDCAMP, GET IT HERE:  Trance And The Arcade - Survival In Infinity (Mass Particles 7 ) CD   Chuck Bettis - electronics special guest: Mick Barr - guitar     This is the sophomore release by Bettis under the T.A.T.A. moniker which features two collaboration tracks with Mick Barr and a track dedicated to Daniel Higgs. This release is a further investigation into the realms of extreme frequencies and mind bending acrobatics that will leave you wondering if you are living in the future or the past but ultimately awaken you to the here and now.    artwork by Chuck
Bettis     ltd to 500   ----   Chuck Bettis - effects, sampler, keyboard, drum machine Mick Barr - guitar on "Singalism" and involuntarily on "Shot Blasting" all tracks recorded on to 4-track between 1999-2000 by The T.A.T.A. transferring / mixing assistance by Guy Picciotto mastered at the Mad Lab by Jerry Lim all music by The T.A.T.A. (except "Singalism" by The T.A.T.A. and Mick Barr) copyright and produced by Mental Soundtracks all art and back photo by Chuck Bettis layout by Joe Lally Thanks to all whom contributed to the compositions (voluntarily and involuntarily!)


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