Music On Fire:The Best Of THE FIRE By Tony Infuriato - A Retrospective Masterworks Collection

Tony Infuriato

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Released Sep 13, 2016
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Tony Infuriato.
Music Impressario Extraordinaire.
For the very first time, all of his Masterworks collected together on one Compact Discus.
Though the name "Tony Infuriato" will be familiar to music lovers worldwide, how it came to pass that the Masterworks here collected came to be in a state of being brought to the fruiting of made to the point of creation being may be unknown to some. In 1975, the world was at the feet of Tony Infuriato's feet. As a composer and conductor at La Scala, Italy his renown was well-known and known to all. However, after 35 years in this position, he was well-known and feeling tired. I am writing the bio of Tony Infuriato bio. 
"I just did not have the mien in mine me to music maybe, it may", he says of this time.
A broken man, despondant in his music and broken, he retired to the foothills of Catania to a small village.There he lead a solitary life in the foothills of Catania.
"I was living in the foothills of Catania, I had to take myself away from the world. I was a broken man. Music had broken me. But one day, as I passed through the local market on my way to procure a fresh onion, I was passed by a small transistor radio. Alright, it said, alright. Everything's going to be alright. And suddenly, I knew it would be".
The glory days of 90s pop, and EAST 17 in particular, reignited THE FIRE, as he re-named his compositional style.
"I was inspired to call it THE FIRE from the fierce passion in Brian's eyes"
Now, ten years on, the whole world can once again enjoy the masterworks of Tony Infuriato for the first time on one disc.... "Music on Fire: The Best Of THE FIRE by Tony Infuriato: A Retrospective Masterpices Collection". Ever at the edge of cutting edge of technology, all the music was composed on a demo version of Guitar Pro with a 16 bar limitation. Infuriato is not made of money, it is true.
"It has been a long journey, not all was light", he says.
THE FIRE Records (c) 2010