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Hymn Our Garden by Tonstartssbandht

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In the studio at CKUT
In the studio at CKUT
Host: Joe Winer
Engineer: Marc Montanchez & Amber Goodwyn
The White brothers (Andy and Edwin) were in town playing several shows at the Pop Montreal festival and stopped by the CKUT studio for a live performance on If You Got Ears. In two extended psychedelic tracks the boys demonstrate why they are Earth's favorite montreal/nyc/orlando boogie rock brother duo.
"Hymn Our Garden" comes from their recently released Russia tour tape, Hymn. "Late Fall Roll" was originally a track from Edwin's solo project Eola (on his album Deo Gracias) which has here been expanded into a two-man sonic thunderstorm. Tonstartss-friend Spencer Gilley was in the studio filming the whole thing, his masterpiece video adds a whole other dimension to the experience.Photo by Spencer Gilley