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Cyan Sing by Tim Woulfe

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This album was written over the course of a rambling fall 2017 spent dogsitting in Mount Airy, touring with Real Life Buildings and Diners, sitting and stewing in parks all over Philly, traveling to Ireland and living in a castle for week, traveling to Rhode Island and living in the woods for a week, sitting in my actual living room playing the same guitar part over and over again, biking to and from work and many other micro moments whose influence can't be denied. It was then recorded in deep January 2018 cold at Piggies Amusement Complex in Philadelphia.    The
sampler used on many of these recordings was lent to me by Nick Norman. View his art at :  Full album mastered by Mike Dawgy Ditrio    MUSIC VIDEO FOR HUNTERS AT : 



05. Tim Woulfe - Cyan Sing 00:04:26

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