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Thorn & Shout by Thorn & Shout

Album Description

Released:September 17th, 2012

Si vous étiez tombés sous le charme de Squinch Owl (déjà chroniqué ici) et que vous êtes aficionados du violon-banjo, vous pourriez apprécier cet album de Thorn & Shout sorti en 2012. Duo composé par la voix féminine de Squinch Owl et la voix masculine de Thy Courage Quail, l’une accompagnant l’autre et vice versa suivant les titres.



Thorn & Shout
01. Thorn & Shout (02:53)
03. Song for Bear (02:31)
04. Name & Noise (05:33)
05. I Am Yours (04:24)
06. Little Demon (03:33)
08. Line & Lure (04:14)
09. Trouble (06:18)
10. Sea of Fate (04:35)
11. Farewell (04:01)
12. Caput Lupinum (05:24)
13. Gull Song (03:05)
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CodesAndNotes on 09/26/18 at 11:44AM
It's a well-know fact among my friends and relatives that I have essentially discovered country music while browsing FMA's curated collection.
Five years later, Thorn & Shout's self-named album reminds me why I fell in love with the genre.

It just... makes me want to throw this laptop away and leave to live the rest of my life in the country. Just get rid of the distractions of modern life and focus on the important bits, before I get old and start weeping over regrets.
That's how evocative this album is to me; that's what great country does to me.

Need convincing? Press play on that "Name & Noise" track. It's been giving me goosebumps for the last half hour...

Now to the essential question: why aren't Thorn & Shout, these exceptional artists, being celebrated around the world for their Art?
Beats me...
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