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Monster from the Red Palace (Jam & Juice Version) by Third Mind Movement

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Album Description

"Monster from the Red Palace" is the second and last post-cardboard rebellion release, and it's about Power & Control within us and without us.Those responsible:- Arsenic Strychnine – samples, synths, percussion, chime-bells, voice, lyrics, mixing- Nikita Overquietwater – drums, percussion, guitar pedals, feedback voice in "An Arm and a Leg"
(#03)- Dietrich Belensky – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica- Maria Spirit – bass guitar, electric hair clipper- Yury Monk – synths, clarinet, recorder flute, melodica- Dmitry Ephraim – bayan- Vasilisa Blacksmith – cello- Anna M. – flute- Michael Mohsen – electroacoustic guitar and treshchotka in "Monster from the Red Palace (Jam & Juice Version)" (#06)- Roman Kalenov – bass guitar in "Cleanup Anthem" (#01)- Frankly S. Hankly – bass guitar in "Officer! Officer!" (#05), mixing and masteringRecorded and mixed from June thro' October, 2014 + from July thro' December, 2015. Most of the instruments were recorded at BaZooka Studio in Vladimir. Other parts were recorded in Strychninum Sanctum, Frankly's Room and Monk's Cell.Artworks made by Arsenic Strychnine, Nikita Overquietwater, Maria Spirit and Shan.