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Tleilaxuburg5 Movement III by The Tleilaxu Music Machine

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This is a 5-part cover of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #5, first Allegro movement, recorded in winter of 2005-2006.  I programmed the music directly out of the printed orchestral score--no pre-programmed midi files were used. 

I have taken exceptional liberty in interpreting the work, freely adding to and modifying Bach's written score, while maintaining the core elements of what propelled his movement.  I believe that what I have done is no affront to Bach, no systematic raping of a classic, as is a major cultural trend these days.  Instead it is a respectful tribute to his mastery, reframed as I have seen fit to simultaneously express myself in modern terms. In addition, it has been a widespread practice in the classical world to borrow from composers and I feel my interpretations and modifications follow this line of tradition, though perhaps more liberally.

While reading a biography about Bach several years ago, I came across a passage which indicated Bach's attitude about the future--he said of his own music that he often wrote for instruments that had yet to exist.  I like to view my expositions of his work as a sort of fulfillment of this aspect of his composition.

For those who may be reminded of Wendy Carlos' performances of Bach (among many others), I am indeed aware of them.  It may be of interest to know that I actually discovered her work as I searched the internet to see who else might have had the idea to perform classical works electronically.  I enjoy Carlos' performances immensely.

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