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Hidden Camera (Without Dromes) by The Thud Experiment

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Classwar Karaoke
Classwar Karaoke
Producer: Classwar Karaoke
latest survey is 0010 untitled / published 31st May 2010 curated by Adrian Beentjes, Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson Featuring: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency / Ambient Fabric / André Pissoir / Anthony Donovan & Bryan Lewis Saunders / Anton Mobin / Anton Mobin & Denis McCarty / Autotistic & Unhinged / Ayato / Chevo Légé / Clutter / Dr(Dr)One / EHEIM 1000.220 / Familiars / Gurdonark / Jonas Ruchenhever / Kalistongue / Lezet & Sarah / Lux P0g0 / Macu / Mark Nolan-Blackman & PAS / Murmurists / Noise Research / One Minute Wanda / Otohime / Pixyblink / Planetaldol /
Pythagora / .RR / Ruela Pinho, Babalith & Marta Amado / Scribble Orchestra / Silverhead / Six or Seven / Sound Inhaler & Ericka Ryder / The Thud Experiment / Thomas Fernier / Tvlasunor / Vultures Quartet / Zilmrah Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via sites such as internet archive, myspace, disclogs, youtube, lastfm, facebook, sonic squirrel, reverbnation, soundcloud etc., under Creative Commons license 3.0 All material remains the property of the respective artists and is offered for free download in line with this license. The ten surveys published so far feature over one-hundred artists, from all over the world; and the material in toto represents significant documentation of the experimental scene itself. Involvement in the project has helped spawn many fruitful collaborations, live-shows and a vibrant exchange of ideas; so much so that, for several repeat-participants, Classwar Karaoke is as much a collective as it is a mechanism for the release of new material. If you are interested in participating, please explore this myspace in the first instance in order to establish whether your material fits, stylistically and in terms of outlook, with that of the current survey. There are two methods of participation: either with a piece of music or a short-film. On rare occasions, we may invite both. Each method also includes an image and a piece of text. General enquiries, submissions of images and text should be sent to Anthony Donovan via Submissions of film should be sent to Adrian Beentjes via Submissions of music should be sent to Jaan Patterson via  Best wishes, Adrian Beentjes - ZoologicAnthony Donovan - MurmuristsJaan Patterson - undRess Béton 0010 survey / 31st May 2010 It belies forms of erasure and who will kill the King. It belies unbekleidung, entkleidung; around no core as such, via no system as such, hapax legomenon. It is honorific and televiz; from funereal contortion. It measures no cultural field, no thematic fold. It is mobilised as outpour, as aftermathmatics; whose itinerary is fugitive and sunless; whose angelic patina is all binary adaptations written on bodies without procession. Spot the incantation, dumdeediddle. The dodo was asking for it, right? ...Kennst du das land? Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: Sonorous Permutations / Length: 10mins / Processed Instrumentation inkludes: Flute, Gong, Rain Stikk, Shamanik Rattle, Metal Perkussion, Vokals, Field Rekordings (Drawbridge in tunnels from thee Napoleonik war, smearing blood onto paper, sewer from thee Shit-Tunnel sessions.) Sonorous permutations of time and space are woven of nature’s heart laid bare… Akoustik Timbre Frekuency mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. These have been labelled as ‘General Ritual Intensifiers’ and are designed to augment thee Gnostik experience. Various Ritual Instruments from around thee world are utilised within these rekordings. Field rekordings are also inkorporated within thee kompositions which kan range from graveyards to nature parks, from sewers to tree tops. These akoustik rekordings are interwoven with synthesised and sampled material to kreate an evokative environment for thee listener to use as they see fit. It is a Sonik Tool... Artwork by MYRIAM Ambient Fabric: Exploring thoughts, moods, worlds, the unknown and trying to make some music of it all André Pissoir: 'I leads as she exists in a dream of Re-present. Those applied as its terms more reality have outward for that than performance reality is concede dreams. The dissipation of my|self what be of this given old packet of by dream & ex-dreams matters is not that right but also more open. Into I expect to rather not be present then with in as to which distinct philosophers at times?' - André Pissoir (on date to date) Anthony Donovan & Bryan Lewis Saunders: We're on your plate. Roll away the stone Anton Mobin: 'Il est beau comme la rétractilité des serres des oiseaux rapaces; ou encore, comme l'incertitude des mouvements musculaires dans les plaies des parties molles de la région cervicale postérieure; ou plutôt, comme ce piège à rats perpétuel, toujours retendu par l'animal pris, qui peut prendre seul des rongeurs indéfiniment, et fonctionner même caché sous la paille; et surtout, comme la rencontre fortuite sur une table de dissection d'une machine à coudre et d'un parapluie!' Lautréamont, Les Chants de Maldoror, Chant Sixième - Roman Un Anton Mobin & Denis McCarty: 'Richy pue du cul, Car il joue du piano assis, Les fleurs sauvages n’y ont rien changé. Lors du concerto de sa mort, La lettre à sa mère se perd... Elle ne saura jamais, Que la clé d’Air émane de son propre fion, Une belle arnaque!' Steve Oho Astral Social Club: Astral Social Club is Neil Campbell (born 19 May 1966 in Scotland), a British musician notable for his vast catalogue and his many collaborations. Campbell has long been involved in the UK’s experimental music scene, including acts like Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunroof!. In 2005, The Wire declared that he, Richard Youngs and Matthew Bower had 'provided the map co-ordinates for much of what passed for a post-punk UK underground during most of the 80s and 90s' Autotistic & Unhinged: sitting here, staring into space the clock sounds the hour and i can taste the milk has turned sour...  Ayato: Je m’ai quelques images / Prepared guitar, field recording, micro k7 / / 'Sans savoir pourquoi, J’aime ce monde, Où nous venons pour mourir' Natsume Sôseki Chevo Légé: Un élastique se tend jusqu'à atteindre une tension intrigante... brusquement lâché, un désordre s'ensuit, de courte durée…car un autre élastique se tend... peut-être même plusieurs… peu à peu, la sphère de ma conscience s'anime de ce jeu ininterrompu de multiples élastiques qui se tendent et se relâchent, selon des lois insaisissables Clutter: After The Wake (7:29) (Blezard) / Recorded live at Totally Wired in Lancaster on 21st May 2010 / Clutter works with a mixture of found sounds/field recordings and traditional instruments to produce highly textured soundscapes which drift in and out of focus. Clutter is Shaun Blezard who has played live music for 25 years and has performed on stages, shopping centres, village halls, arenas, buses, art galleries and quite a few fields around the globe. He has been concentrating on experimental music and improvising for the last 10 years and currently writes and performs solo as Clutter and plays with Aht-n, Deep Clutter, orfeo 5 and Susan Matthews. Shaun is also music leader of Scribble Orchestra, an experimental music project for young people in Cumbria. Dr(Dr)One: track name: Scrambled Eyes / La formation regroupant Colin Johnco (LEEP/CJC records, Prison Food Sucks, FareWell Poetry), Guillaume Perret (Electric Epic), Peter Combard (Arcan). Leurs inspirations passent de la musique contemporaine, traditionelle au rock progressif en passant par le free jazz, l'electronica, noise, post-punk, abstract hip hop... Un son hybride imprévisible en constante gestation de modulations de fréquence. DR(DR)ONE développe pour chaque concert une performance unique. Leurs expérimentations musicales nous amènent dans un état proche de la transe. Fake-omatic translation / The training regrouping Colin Johnco (LEEP / CJC records, Prison Food Sucks, FareWell Poetry), Guillaume Perret (Electric Epic), Peter Combard (Arcan). Their inspirations cross An unpredictable hybrid sound of contemporary music, traditionelle in progressive rock by way of the free jazz, l 'electronica, noise, post - punk, abstract hip hop in constant gestation of modulations of frequency. DR (DR) ONE develops for every concert an unique performance. Their musical experimentation brings us in a state close to trance. musicians: Guillaume Perret, Peter Combard, Colin Johnco / artwork: Mr Piningre EHEIM 1000.220: '647_sek._liebe' actually was made for the Radiospotting project at Linz, Austria. It's the acoustical interpretation of a short story by Austrian author Johanna Tschautscher (a diaolgue between two lovers), which was inspired by a steel sculpture of the Spanish artist Amadeo Gabino. The steel sculpture is located in the middle of Linz, on the banks of the Donau river. To get the sounds for 676_sek._liebe I went to Linz to collect them directly from the sculpture itself. So all you hear in the track is sounds from the sculpture. I only added two samples - a very short excerpt from a work of Anton Bruckner and a short sample with the city noise of Linz Familiars: Old friends; recently reintroduced via happenstance in cyber; this to celebrate... (Anthony Donovan (Murmurists) (UK): 4 string acoustic bass, objects, scant electronics, keyboard, editing & processing / Garry Lindon (Silverhead) (Japan): 4 string fretless bass & electronics) Gurdonark: 'Walking through Trees' guides the listener through an imaginary walk through an elusive wood. In our new sharing music culture, the artist can create soundtracks for the simple joys of daily living. Once music is liberated from the nightclub, the concert hall, the coffee house, and the civic municipal auditorium, it finds its way in the harsh and gentle places of the day to day. I live in north Texas in the USA, a place of fields of endless grass and slender riparian woods which run along winding creeks. From time to time, the underlines of empty spaces are punctuated by periods of thick woods—the gentle hardwoods called the 'cross timbers' or the invasive cedars which choke the fields. This is a music in which the open-field sound of the cicada and cricket is just too distant to be heard, and lovely golden orb spiders spin webs across the paths. In the trees the birds sing—the cardinal in deep red plumage, the blue jay with his iridescent cries, and the mockingbird, gifted with the joy of imitating thousands of songs. This music was created using sequenced samples of simple woodwind instruments—an ocarina from Boulder, Colorado USA, a wooden flute from San Jose, Costa Rica and a child's bath toy called a water flute, from a thrift store in north Texas USA.'Walking through Trees' seeks a simplicity inherent in every walk and in every thought—a relaxation of pretence, a quiet meditation. I co-own the netlabel Negative Sound Institute, and release also on other netlabels from time to time. I recently co-moderated the music for a sound installation at the Ram Galleri in Oslo, Norway in which artsts from around the world submitted some 94 pieces to help the museum celebrate its 20th anniversary. My music hovers in the space between ambient and a bit odd--'weirdbient', if you will--and shows my deep respect for ambient pioneers, minimalist composers, and children's television. I am a deep believer in Creative Commons sharing, and as a result, my music has been used as the soundtrack for hundreds of on-line videos at all the lovely forests of the internet. I believe in the sanctity of individual moments, and in recording the gentle soundtracks to daydreams Jonas Ruchenhever: After the airship had been in flight for about six hours and darkness had fallen, all the lighting inside was turned off Kalistongue: Biographical notes : Sunny Period ____ banknote not BANK-NOTE, goodbye not GOOD-BYE, tomorrow not TO-MORROW, worldwide not WORLD-WIDE, freewill not FREE-WILL, lovestory not LOVE-STORY, vice versa not VICE-VERSA, world state not WORLD-STATE ____ also in that parallel planet beyond Sirius ____ disorganisation, DISARRANGE (a population ?), modern minded or MODERN-MINDED(?) ____ publicity on the defensive____ individuality hitherto, a gentle woman or GENTLE-WOMEN(?), public office not PUBLIC-OFFICE ____ I saw her burned with enthusiasm, emerging with uniqueness ____ tranquilise not TRANQUILISE ____ between the whole and the individual not BETWEEN THE GREAT AND THE INDIVIDUAL ____ that scheme, that GREAT SCHEME ____ sc(h)epticism. (sounds that can't be identified - finding a sound. take a gun out of a dark house, breathe with your mouth open (they could take my book, my money, have me killed) it had happened before; grandfather was nearly stabbed with a three-corner file.) Lezet & Sarah: Styx's but a raster bar, syntax and all Lux Pogo: Original Message From: * To: * Cc: * Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:14 PM Subject: Re: cwk related: [Uh] long to add my mustard in this colour / in-read below / wording things nature / I will explore / perfect location for all format talk / beyond me is our discussion about * / I'm easier to break down / [but easier to drawback] / catalogue repeatedly / I am recording this / documentation is ununimportant / I did ponder that above my head I know enough to know I envisage only one problem / [...] / good for people / my role is ad,min / I am put together / a formality / those that anger let them fall / Original Message From: * To: * Cc: * Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:15 PM Subject: Re: Re: cwk related: Words considered nature, or the environment organised as events / each dictates a field of interest / inclination cedes inclination / to do so, I resist the discussion-pot / Original Message From: * To: * Cc: * Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:16 PM Subject: Re: Re: Re: cwk related: I think that I go only for your invitations / I haven't requested an encounter / but still we meet / I try to distract information / But I'm already implanted and staying untouchable / CHEERS! & LOVE and No virus found Macu: Sounds created with objects, guitar and vocals Mark Nolan-Blackman & PAS: Excerpt from "The Oroom", an Absurdist, Avant Garde transformation. With soundtrack by PAS. Directed by Mark Nolan Blackman. Video edit/ Assisted Direction by PAS and Robert L. Pepper / Actors: Isak Tiner, Emily Pope-Blackman, Chelsea Glassman, Daniel Borkan, Jon 'Vomit' Worthley, and Amber Brien. PAS were Michael Durek, Jon 'Vomit' Worthley, Amber Brien, and Robert L. Pepper / For full length version please follow this link:  Murmurists: 'A piece made during spring 2010, using four string acoustic bass, six string electric bass, six string electric fretless half-guitar, electric organ, scant electronics, objects, and voice; subsequently processed, though not as far as aberration or deceit, on laptop, using basic software' (Walter Benjamin*) *Or 'Walter Benjamin' (David Harvey**) **Or 'David Harvey' (Charles Harrison***) ***Or 'Charles Harrison' (Terry Atkinson****) ****Or 'Terry Atkinson' (John Hyatt*****) *****Or 'John Hyatt' (Anthony Donovan) Noise Research: Noise Research is the project of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson. Noise Research has material released on the Electronic Musik (UK), Rift Recordings (UK), Earth Monkey Productions (UK) & Bivouac (China) labels. Cdr's currently available are The Liftshaft EP (also known as Nuclear Liftshaft), Split with Barbarians, Noise Research I, Noise research II, Noise Research III (also known as Experiment III), Rifts compilation (2 tracks) on Rift recordings, Noise Research Four (on Earth Monkey Productions), Evoluon (On A.M.P.), Classwar Karaoke Survey series, Ocean Epicure with Graham Dunning (on Clinical Archives), Forgotten Reel (very early recordings previously unreleased), Forgotten Reel II (second volume of early recordings), Music for Electronic Tape (Electronic Musik). Ian has been involved in the experimental / improvised music scene for many years and has performed with / alongside (amongst others): Serfs, Evan Parker, Graham Dunning, Acid Mothers Temple, Sun Ra Arkestra, Eddie Prevost, Faust, Bark!, Pram, John Russell, Paul Rutherford, Telescopes, The A band, Solar Fire Trio/Duo, Mark Wastell, Rhodri Davis, Keith Rowe, Colin Potter, Pascal Nichols, Konk Pack, Janek Schaefer, Alexander Von Schlippenbach, Mick Beck, Phil Marks and Lol Coxhill. He has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance which has led to his involvement as a performer with ‘The Frakture Big Band’ (Liverpool), Noise Club (Liverpool), Janx: The Gathering (Wirral), ‘Gnod’ (Manchester) Aht-N (Cumbria) & ‘Fonik’ (Warrington). He also actively organises and promotes performances in UK including the Pyramid Experimental Music Festival and Manchester based Electronic Organica Nights. His most recent project is a collaboration with sound artist Graham Dunning, the results of which have been released by Clinical Archives in January 2010. A recent comment about Noise Research Four - Such an outstanding album it really is a class piece of work – Jeff Grainger (Dandelion Radio, 2008). About Rifts – A soundtrack to while away the time to as Western civilisation inevitably continues its steadily increasing rate of decay (Heathen Harvest, 2009). Download Ocean Epicure One Minute Wanda: SON / Oh you want some words, son? / Oh you want some answers, son? /Well listen here, son / Put your thesaurus down, son! / Get your head on my tyrannosaurus belly, son / There, can you hear it, son? / Come here never mind my teeth, son / Can you smell it on my breath, son? / Can you hear the birds and bees, son? / Now that's what I call improvisation, son / The great big gang-bang of creation son / They just shoved it all in there, son / And shook it all up now, son / You could hear the rock and roll round here for years to come, son / No room for stanzas here, son / So you better get up off of your knees now, son / And go and tell it on the mountain, son / Oh you want some words, son? Otohime: otohime comes from the sea under the city of tokyo / japan / every ladies nightmares / it.. don..t listen, just use before you flush , gives you BEAUTIFUL relief *-* Pixyblink: [...] Planetaldol: Les machines et ce qu'il en est advenu. [Notes d'intention, circonvolutions et craquements] 'Planetaldol has become an expert in scary organic worlds, between the breaking sounds of a sinkingwoody boat, and the wind around. Approaching werewolves, mythic creatures coming near, Planetaldol is sculpting his subject, always in a realistic way' / 'Planetaldol se plaît à explorer des mondes organiques, composés de souffles et de craquements de mâts, des mondes agonisants disséqués de ses mains expertes. Montages, mixages, spatialisation de l'étude, au plus près comme au plus loin, mais toujours au plus réaliste' JM Charcot Pythagora: Pythagora is an experimental ambient noise project by Dan Pålsson from Malmö, Sweden  .RR: Arturo Ortega is an improviser and sound artist from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico .RR is a side project of Arturo Ortega focused on creation of electronic manipulation Ruela Pinho & Babalith: Film by Ruela / soundtrack by Babalith / voice - Marta Amado / Title: Ringmere Heath With Blood (8:03) / Album: Northern Sea Drops / Image by Ruela / Prince I learned that your army, far from their ships, piled up a heavy heap, Of slain and reddened Ringmere Heath, With blood. Before it ceased, the people, Of the Land, the army of the English, Frantic, fell to the earth before you / Part I - You Crossed a Heavy Sea / Part II - The Wielder of the Sword Sailed With his Dark Beasts so Near the Land that the English Plains Could be Seen / Part III - The Army Reddened Ringmere Heath / Author - Babalith Scribble Orchestra: Track: Jimi’s Ghost Walked Through Kendal (4:35) (Scribble Orchestra) / Scribble Orchestra is a project set up by Musiclinks to help young people experience making music in unconventional ways and with new technologies. They are making music together and discovering a new shared language through improvising and experimentation. Scribble is a 12 month project funded by Youth Music and participants are 13-18 years old. Jimi’s Ghost Walked Through Kendal is a track made using processed field recordings and an iphone / Silverhead: Silverhead is Garry Lindon in Japan with guitars, basses, loops, recordings, effects, and samples. 'K, aged' is some pedals, a room, some coffee, a sampler, a shopping street, an automatic garage door (with squeak), a loop station, a train station, a hand held recorder, an amp, some random speak, a storm, some improvisation, a free afternoon in Osaka and a little logic. Contact: / Six or Seven: Dear friends, thank you again for your kind invitation! I’m looking forward to all the new music. Cheers, Hopek / Songtitle: Alter Ego Photographing Artist: Six or Seven (Hopek Quirin – bass, text, samples; Jochen Arbeit – samples; Miss M. – voc) Sound Inhaler & Ericka Ryder: A film by Sound Inhaler and Ericka Ryder. In 2009 Ericka Ryder (aka Psiekr) collated and displayed a series of found images in an exhibition in Italy. The images came from cctv footage and photographs taken by individuals of strangers they had developed an obsession with. It was called 4. The music playing at the exhibition was Stalker by Sound Inhaler. This is the film version compiled by Sound Inhaler in collaboration with Ericka Ryder. I am fascinated by stalking and the ease with which we can capture digital images of strangers and the prevalence of state and private documenting of our day to day existence. Is someone looking at an image of you right now? Are they merely motivated by Voyeurism or something more sinister, is it to control or is it because they need to objectify and capture what they want to love? Ericka Ryder (2010). Examine your own feelings as you watch fleeting moments of someone else’s life captured and remember to look out for who’s pointing their camera phone at who! Sound Inhaler / Contact: Sound Inhaler: / / Contact: Ericka Ryder / / suRRism: discussion on 'behaviour battle' / by: frateR Surrallee, undRess Béton, hocu:necu The Thud Experiment: Two old friends who still enjoy music making. We are Jack Derbyshire and David Cunliffe. We have history and musical 'form' as it were :) Honest guv that synth just went off on its own, the bpm was like that when i got here, i only touched it and the volume went up to 11! Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. A personal hero once wrote, 'hustlers of the world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: the mark inside'. He knew about the hidden camera, it is what records the naked lunch, this camera is hidden for many reasons, barefaced truth is a heady brew, certain practicalities demand the camera MUST be hidden. It is always there though, the truth be known to you if you know it or don't. The footage can be watched; it must be watched with care. You can be what you want to be, you can document it, you can preserve it and still the hidden camera will record who and how you really are. 'Thought you were finished with doing weird stuff..........i thought i was too but i guess i'm not!' Regards and wishing you well, 'The Thud Experiment'  Thomas Fernier: l'interminable bruissement de l'étoffe... le bois qui craque : se dilate-t-il ou se contracte-t-il? des phasmes coincés entre deux plaques de verre verticalement maintenues glissent brusquement par grappes... ou bien est-ce le métal qui se détend à intervalles réguliers sous l'effet de ses propres orgasmes, brefs, modérés et contenus? le ciel s'assombri soudainement comme une eau dans laquelle on déverse de l'encre noire... l'obscurité progresse à une vitesse qui ne laisse aucun temps pour la réflexion... irisation bienfaisante à la lisière de mon champ de vision... je me retrouve dans la cuisine... prêt à plonger la tête dans la vapeur brûlante d'une boisson amère et opaque... toutes ces sensations cousues de fil blanc sur la roue temporelle que dessine l'aiguille des secondes... je guette la résonance profonde, épaisse et lourde... celle qui vient laver l'accumulation inquiétante des perceptions... pendant qu'elle n'en finit pas de s'éloigner, les chuintements, les accrocs, les sursauts refont peu à peu surface... leur danse n'avait jamais cessé... tout existe en même temps... ma pauvre faculté de perception m'oblige à choisir, à isoler... ce n'est que par un effort de la conscience consistant à recomposer entre eux les éléments perçus séparément que je finis par éprouver le sentiment d'un saisissement ubique T.V.La.S.Un.Or: T.V.La.S.Un.Or.realeses its 1st LP (Grand Hall) on the Partycul System label (Reims-France) in 1999, since this issue, T.V.La.S.Un.Or. is fully incarned by John Marron:- Sound tracks: 'end of the night' & 'cheap.. cheap' 2 films by Det'lef - Live musical imaging for contemporary readings (Sonorama / Partycul System label, Chemins de traverse / Pyro-Le Grand Incendie Magazine). / Collaborations: Guinea Pig (LP 'Bientot votre mariage'), Optophone (concert & CD-EP "amber trap"), Chevo Legé (LP "Butin/Poilu"), Thomas Fernier (LP 'Music/No Music' T.V.La.S.Un.Or. & Thomas Fernier) / Poesie is Not Dead: cross-media-live-impro band for contemporary readings (with A.S. Terrillon, C Acker, T.Fernier, F.Massut) / New album ('Rien'): All-by-myself-except-design LP / Project: Around 10 'Poesie is not Dead' live during May & June (From ParisBelgium) / New LP presently stands as 'Bleu-Rouge' (with Ian Harris voice) / John Marron play all instruments and electronics and record all himself (except when collaborating) at "Atelier Z" Paris / For more details contact: Vultures Quartet: The piece, '7:49', submitted for 0010 survey is extracted from Vultures Quartet's first full-length album, '56:29', released by and available via born in mind About Vultures Quartet: Dan Beattie uses synthesisers, zither, electric guitar, objects, electronics, and computer processing. He studied 20th Century Classical Music at Sussex University and Music with Visual Practice at Brighton University, and released a number of records of sample collage, mostly sourced from Free Jazz and Modern Classical Music, under various aliases, before moving to Free Improvisation. Beattie has also worked as a sound-designer, creating music and sound for many video games, installations, theatre performances, films and websites. Most recent live performances have been with the Free Jazz/Noise duo, Sarcomasine Bloc (with Tim Goldie), playing guitar in The Ailerons (with Dave Rowntree), and numerous solo laptop performances. Beattie has been a member of Eddie Prevost's improvisation workshop, and mixed/mastered recordings for Sarcomasine Bloc, Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra, Vultures Quartet, and These Feathers Have Plumes, besides a former career as a sound engineer in a Dutch studio. He also runs the miniature record label, Born In Mind. Beattie is also active on software development, including extensive programming in Max/MSP, and has had his work in this field featured in Creative Review and in the ICA's New Media Centre. He's also recently been responsible for designing the user interface for Birmingham Conservatoire's "Integra" live electronic music project. Matt Chilton uses laptop, webcam, torches and various microphones. Chilton principally employs Max/MSP/Jitter, PureData, and ChucK to create patches that can be played in real-time. It is something of an obsession of his that he does not use any pre-prepared sounds or samples when playing with Vultures Quartet; meaning that all of his sounds made for recordings and live performances are improvised in real-time. The patches he writes do various things; key examples include a light sensitive patch which uses two simple FM synthesizers and two looping samplers connected to an analysis of the feed from a webcam. As the luminosity of the webcam feed changes so do the pitches and harmonic content of the FM synths and the pitches of the looping samplers. Live sample manipulation is carried out using a patch that can hold four samples but with two separate channels of playback for each. Any start and stop points and any speed of playback, forwards or backwards, can be chosen for the samples and various. Generally Chilton samples percussion, as it offers a far wider expressive range of sounds when sampled and manipulated; often sounding nothing like the original sample. Other patches deal with algorithmic composition. These use sounds ranging from percussive to soft sine-wave-generators to create odd rhythms, microtonal "melodies" and atmospheric textures. Chilton started learning classical piano at the age of nine; going on to complete a fine art degree; and has worked as an artist for several years. More recently, he spent five years as a professional Java and Perl programmer. All of these things inform his practice as it is today. Along the way, Chilton has performed with many different groups - playing guitar, bass, piano, synth and laptop. As well as playing with Vultures Quartet, Chilton currently plays with Renderplant - a purely electronic experimental band with a dancer - and he records, solo, as Astrometria. He also occasionally revisits Spork, a guitar, drums and electronics band he has played in, sporadically, for some twelve years. Most recently, Chilton has collaborated with Jay Westfold, performing live as Atricyclist - sometimes as an experimental electronics and vocal duo, sometimes as an electronic dance music act. Will Connor uses percussion and objects. Heavily influenced by Italian Futurism and Dadaist mentalities, Connor incorporates a variety of metallic and household objects into his sonic arsenal. Pot lids, grill hoods, sheet metal, springs, and bicycles enhance the more traditional percussion he uses - with a goal of reversing the aural expectations of the instruments, attempting to create electronic sounds with acoustic devices, et cetera, creating drones and sustained sounds along with truncated, abrupt tinklings. Connor's background in improvised music, modern composition, and ethnic ensembles prepared him for playing with Vultures Quartet. Since first picking up drum sticks in 1978, Connor has played with projects such as The Pigeon Frequency Orchestra (Improv), one3four (Math-Punk and Improv), BAAMPHF!!! (Math-Punk), the Centre for Transgressive Behaviours (Absurdist Theatre and Improv), the Hawaii Kakula Ensemble (Sulawesi percussion group), and Fukadugalon (Improv),as well as playing Chinese opera and Tibetan folk music, working with Butoh and contact improv dancers, and performing new compositions by upcoming young composers. Currently, he is also playing with SonVer (cello-driven Gothic Improv) and The Atomic Crashdown (Improv Rock); and plays regularly with artists such as Laetecia Statier (Stereolab/Monade), Z'ev, John Butcher, and Farouk El Safi (Egyptian percussionist). Connor holds degrees in acoustics, music, and ethnomusicology and is currently an ABD Ph.D. candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, conducting a research project on musical instrument construction. Anthony Donovan uses 4 and 6 string electric and acoustic basses, fretless half-guitars, zither, objects & scant electronics. His work with Vultures Quartet utilises so-called extended techniques, in an approach that is, in each case, unorthodox, agit prop and tactile. Donovan has worked in collaboration with musicians such as Steve Beresford, Damo Suzuki, Stephen Flinn, Kay Grant, Dom Lash, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Undress Beton, Zoologic, PAS, Pixyblink, Sandeep Mishra, Alpesh Moharir and Jo Quail; as well as supporting the likes of Adam Bohman, John Butcher, Faust, Nurse with Wound, John Russell, Phil Waschmann and Z'ev. Donovan works solo, as Murmurists, across several disciplines; combining words, composed music and soundart, images and film; releasing such material via suRRism-Phonoethics (Germany), Dadaist-Audio (Netherlands) and Foetal Orange (UK). He is also a member of the.clinamen with Zafer Aracagök; whose KOG album was released by White-Label Music (UK), in 2009. As a visual artist, Donovan has exhibited widely throughout Europe, the Americas, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and Ghana, and has curated well-received exhibitions of Conceptual Art which have included the work of, for instance, Vittore Baroni, Robin Crozier, John Held Jr., Dick Higgins, Ray Johnson, Ruggero Maggi and Ben Vautier. Donovan is an ardent blogger. His long-running series of numbered 'items' - variously comprised of prose-works, poems, and aphorisms - currently runs into thousands of postings; with several of these being published by, for instance, Raw Dog Screaming Press (USA) and Blood Pudding Press (USA). He is a long-standing member of the on-line collective, Discharge, and contributes regularly to the on-line publications, the title we just forgot, unRecordists, New Absurdist, and Translated Text of Automatic Form. He holds a Ph.D. from the Manchester Metroploitan University, and is a recognised authority on aspects of Conceptual Art Zilmrah: The Laws Of Man / Lawry: 18 string guitarwheel, hand made percussion, voices, oscillators, loops, effects