The Sand Pebbles

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Released May 23, 2012
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cheyenne_h Jan 05, 2016

Hi - unfortunately we can't control what third parties do, or how YouTube observes (or ignores) licenses. The best courses of action are to 1) contact the original artist and 2) ask the Content ID matcher/copyright claim filer if they were aware of the CC license on the song. Good luck!!

jacko101 Jan 03, 2016

The same exact thing just happened to me. Redeye distributions content IDed all 3 songs I used from this website.

c6rm3n Sep 27, 2013

There is a new copyright claim on my video because of this song: "Natalie", musical composition administered by: One or more music publishing rights collecting societies Please do reply, because it is frustrating to have made an effort to use only tracks with the correct license, and to *still* have copyright claims on my video :(

c6rm3n Sep 24, 2013

I contacted Redeye Distribution directly by e-mail and they immediately released the claim on my videos! Cool.

c6rm3n Sep 24, 2013

Redeye Distribution rejected my dispute for the copyright claim. Is this song REALLY licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike?? Would it be possible to contact Redeye Distribution to sort this out? I'm afraid contacting Google/YouTube will be impossible :(

c6rm3n Sep 24, 2013

I've included this song in a video on YouTube. My video is not monetized (Noncommercial). I gave full credit (Attribution) and put the same license on my video (Share Alike). Redeye distribution has claimed copyright on my video because of this song. I have disputed the claim and am waiting for a response. I explicitly selected songs with a CC license without the "no-derivatives" clause, such as...

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