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Leaking Fancy Fanny, Ladies Laugh by Ritualistic School of Errors

Album Description
Witness avant-garde maestro Gregory Jacobsen’s fetid funland here rendered in sound. Prepared piano, cranberry sauce, strangled throat, flamenco guitar, operatic soprano and a quivery accordion succumb to a teetering pipe organ as it ushers in teutonic chorales. Music this cakey rich can only be the culmination of long, scarily obsessive
years. The result, a vaudevillian feverish horror complete with narrative threads that tug at abject fear before unspooling in puerile fantasy. If you dare to know where music can go, this is one orgy best entered at home and alone. Contributors include members of Cheer Accident, Black Bear Combo, and Brilliant Pebbles. Six-panel digipak features Jacobsen's wretched paintings!