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The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin' (The Polish Ambassador Remix) by The Polish Ambassador

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All Jumpsuit Records music is Name Your Price at Affordably license all jumpsuit music for your video projects! Email us at Homeboys in Outer Space is a two part saga released consecutively in 2011 and 2012 by The Polish Ambassador. In these two musical episodes, TPA winds his
way through an eclectic sampling of music from a wide variety genres. Although most of the tracks are centered on personalized hip-hop remixes, Homeboys in Outerspace is a pop-culture potluck, a mash-up of bits and samples from a variety of artists. Many of them are very brief and difficult to pull out, as they are used in such an elaborately woven tapestry of musical colors that are stitched together seamlessly with that electro galactic, Polish Ambassador spin. This two-part collection is much more lyrically focused than any of his other works. And rightly so; what would be the fun of remixing prominent hip-hop tracks and artists if you were to exclude the main component of lyricism? The self-confidence of proud rap vocals are mixed with the melancholic melodies of indie dance. For example, Young MC meets Justice in a remix of “Bust a Move.” Did you ever think you would find yourself grooving Phil Collins? Well, you just might now that you can find him in one place with The Beastie Boys in this electronic take on “Sure Shot.” You may find yourself surprised at the sonic unity that is created between these seemingly unrelated artists and genres. Lisa Disinger @ The Untz