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Lightening for Anyone (Samples Remix) by The Polish Ambassador

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All Jumpsuit Records music is Name Your Price at Affordably license all jumpsuit music for your video projects! Email us at Future, Sex, Computers (Remixes & B-Sides) by The Polish AmbassadorDavid Sugalski is the man inside the brightly colored jumpsuit slinging together samples and drum kits that, when
taken as a whole, could very well suck you in until the artist known as The Polish Ambassador decides you’ve had enough. Sugalski’s mantra is “No Genre Left Behind”—and he sticks to his guns. The Oakland producer strings together an electro-funk feel in a variety of tempo changes while infusing glitches, bass lines, and samples that will leave your head spinning somewhere before Solidarity. Future, Sex, Computers (Remixes and B-Sides) is The Polish Ambassador’s first remix album featuring several artists met while traversing the country. The album also includes three original recordings that round out an otherwise maddeningly interesting album. As it is, Sugalski’s arrangements take you on a journey, picking the listener up, plopping them down again, and then dangling them—not unlike the late, great MJ’s blanketed baby—before snatching the whiplashed listener back from the precipice. Sugalski’s forte is composing and it shows throughout the album as carefully placed samples accentuate the beat writhing below. Outside of the three originals, “Concubot” 1,2, and 3, the rest of the album are tweaks to the Polish Ambassador’s earlier album from this year Future, Sex, Computers. The result is a dizzying array of interpretations on the music that lend itself to a more developed sound that is only possible through a combining of unique points of view. Each of the eleven original tracks from the previous release are redone by producers handpicked by Sugalski, who couldn’t be happier with the end result. “I couldn’t be more pumped about the producers involved,” said Sugalski on his website. Included in the project were the likes of Phutureprimitive, The Great Mundane, and Samples, among others. What comes of the mixing of tendencies and behaviors is an almost completely new album, reaching heights that could only be had in the fashion of collaboration. While Sugalski brings his Bay-area thematics to his compositions, they are mirrored and countered by the ultra-talented cast he has put together. by Jake Krzeczowski @ The Untz



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