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01. The Mind Orchestra - Awen 00:21:50

Track Info

This is the Druid chant of the Awen set to a background of the sacred 528 Hz frequency. This music is intended as healing and shamanic medicine and less for entertainment. This music uses a five octave pentagon- five octaves for five elements within and without. This music uses Pythagorean intervals to help create healing and harmony. It has been recorded in the forest, in caves and by springs. Another essence of this music is like the wellspring of transformation. So this track is about finding the Awen (flowing inspiration) like a spring, then using it to transform your body, your speech and your mind. This track is not just for the Pagan community, but for the transformation and harmony of all. The opening of the heart, the expansion and nourishing, the completion and birthing. So it is ideal for meditation, contemplation and finding inspiration and shamanic journeying. In this music you will hear the rush of wind, the flowing of springs, the call of birds and the great stag of the forest. May the Awen bless you all !
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