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Blues run the game wednesday morning (12/11) during The John Allen Show as WFMU welcomes Robert and Jack Kidney of the legendary Kent, OH band 15-60-75, commonly referred to as the Numbers Band. David Thomas of Pere Ubu once called the 1976 LP Jimmy Bell's Still in Town "the only good album ever recorded by anyone" and their legend after nearly 40 years continues with the LP reissue of Jimmy Bell on Exit Stencil records. Known for their driving and strangely hypnotic rock working outside of the seventies mainstream, the late Peter Laughner wrote in a 1974 review that "their
live performance draws on the incredible vein of mystery and sex that predominated the best rock and blues of the sixties. Their rhythm section is as obsessive as a jukebox". The Kidney Brothers perform a couple songs as gtr/harmonica/vocal duo, joined on one number by another legend Tony Maimone on bass. Playlist



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