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Hussy Live at WFMU
Hussy Live at WFMU
Host: Terre T
Engineer: Mike Sin
THE HUSSY Live on The Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU! Bobby Hussy - guitar, vocals Heather Hussy - drums, vocals Session Engineer: Mike Sin Listen to The Hussy on Bandcamp. Like The Hussy on Facebook. Follow Bobby Hussy on Twitter. THE HUSSY's latest album Weed Seizure is available now from
Tic Tac Totally. Also available:Stab Me 7" EP (Eradicator Records) "Dokks" b/w "On The Cover" 7" (Goodbye Boozy)Saytan Tour Tape (Kind Turkey)Cement Tomb Mind Control LP (Slow Fizz)The Hussy Tape (Jeffrey Drag Records) "Round n Round" b/w "Social Critique of Madison" 7" (Big Action)Winter Daze 7" EP(A Fistful of Records) "One Time" + 2 7"(Science of Sound) Physical copies of some these recordings may be out of print but all are available for digital download at



03. The Hussy - Stab Me 00:02:15

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