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The Watch Towers of Metropolis A by The Fucked Up Beat

Album Description

Producer: Eddie Palmer
Engineer: Eddie Palmer

RECORDED IN NEW YORK CITY by EDDIE PALMER & BRETT ZEHNERthrenodies for the victims of police violenceIn line at the data centeryourheartAn oil pumpBleedingdisinfosomnolenceShootings as a sexual outletfor hysteric white suburbiafrantic in the metropolisfinding it easyto manipulateEven your local weathermanIs lying to you59 degreesAnd a chance of riotsAnxietio(teque)*here's the news tom*live from a helicopter*look at the animals tom*the host is telling youTo be excitedAre you excited?Consent in theage of narcissismI get upsetwhen the NSAdoesn’t readmy letters anymoreFrantic while sleepingspastic while drivingthe circus will put the theatersout of businessdisaster porn*more please!*Our dronessent from heavenNot hysteric anymoresafe and warm*let's focus on the positive!*I get upsetwhen the drones don’t noticeme in public anymoreShouting in a regional dialectat the skyThe weatherman is telling youto be excitedAre you excited?*Yes Tom! I am fucking excited!*59 degreesAnd a chance of fascism*here's the sports tom*live from a helicopter*why can't they just protest peacefully tom?*violence is a rightonly for the rich and whiteTrypanosomiasisNot hysteric anymoreStill bleedingNot hysteric anymoreStill bleeding

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